Pedestrian access controls
We install and set up solutions for pedestrian access controls not only able to identify authorized users but also able to establish in which determined time slots or days of the week they can enter.
Provided with an identification badge, each client is recognized at the passage where the reader is installed. Managed by a specific software, the system monitors and memorizes single accesses and any possible break-in. An effective method to ensure access to companies, factories, construction sites and restricted areas.
Driveway access control RFID and/or plates
We install and set up solutions for access control with RFID technology or by vehicle plate readings. Radiofrequency identification systems (RFID) are able to identify and memorize automatically the identification data of the users and they’ve had a widespread diffusion in many fields for quite some time now.
In particular, the driveway access system via RFID can be made by means of readers or long-range tags and is closely integrated with a management and control software. Access by plate recognition is based on well-proven digital image processing functions. In this case too, a software has the task of managing the census of authorized plates, making available to the user the information about the transits.
Access automation
For more information on access automation click here.
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