Analogue telephone system
We install analogue telephone systems for hotel structures and companies. Even though it offers basic performances and it is single-channel, analogue technology linked to fixed telephony has the advantage of being very cheap.
This makes it still very popular to offer end-user access to the general telephone network.
Conventional cordless, DECT and IP
We install cordless communication systems for hotel structures and companies. The DECT is a standard of cordless telephony intended for domestic or business use which has radio coverage limited to the building on which it is used or near it. It can be both analogic and IT. Alternatively, Voice over IP cordless are devices with a technology able to allow a telephone conversation using Internet connection.
This gives several benefits: eliminates the need of a reserved bandwidth for each phone call; the phone calls are cheaper, especially international ones; the infrastructures are less expensive; functionality is more advanced.
Call center and contact center
We design and realize infrastructures for the connectivity of call centers and contact centers. For more information contact us by clicking here.
IP telephony
We install and set up advanced systems for IP telephony. VoIP technology allows us to have a telephone conversation using internet connection and to do so it requires the analogue vocal signal to be properly codified in digital format.
There are many advantages. These include eliminating the need of a reserved bandwidth for each phone call, cheaper phone calls, less expensive infrastructures and the possibility of using features that are more advanced than traditional telephony.
Technical Support