We design, manage and configure router devices. Routers have the function of routing data in a computer network. This is actually a really important internal knot of company networks and touristic structures (hotel, villages) and it needs to be manually configured by the system’s administrator to enable protocols, services and schedule the traffic.
It is ultimately a fundamental apparatus for the correct distribution of data in large networks and in individual hotel rooms.
We design, manage and set up firewalls, software and hardware, in order to guarantee efficient protection to the computers network of companies and accommodation facilities. The firewall has the task of monitoring access to the system and filtering traffic that computers, or a network of computers, exchange with the outside.
It activates on the basis of a set of rules and after analysing incoming traffic packets decides whether to let them pass, block or discard them.
We install, manage and set up switch devices. Differently from a router that works at level 3, a switch has the job of forwarding an arriving frame only to the door for which it is intended.
In other words, each switch is configured to recognize a frame in the data stream, store it and retransmit it to the correct recipient address. Switches are fundamental equipment that have an important role in the correct data functioning in large company networks and in single hotel rooms.
We install, manage and set up storage devices in order to memorize great quantity of information in electronic form. Storages include hardware devices, memorization devices, dedicated infrastructures and software.
They are very important in the business environment, and not only for sharing files, backing up machines and, of course, for data retention.
Technical Support