We simplify data networks thanks to the intelligence of GPON technology
GPON technology brings order and simplicity where multiplicity and chaos reign. It looks like magic, and maybe it actually is, as are all kind of conquers in the applied sciences. KLF has been among the first to use GPON in Italy seeing how racks can be drastically smaller (with great advantages in terms of space, position and security) while company offices and hotel rooms receive a clean and fast signal thanks to one and only fiber-optic strand and a single ONT junction box.
And there’s much more. The use of simple passive split allows to distribute the fiber on multiple floors or in different directions. It is quite clear that the advantages are priceless. No more floor switches. Reduction of the spaces and the thousands of meters of cable used until now. Last but not least, the entire network is no longer subject to risks related to the supply of its ancillary components. Given all this, the cost/performances ratio is extremely favorable and the maintenance is reduced as never before.

Without GPON technology

With GPON technology
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