Satisfied clients thanks to the efficiency of cutting-edge systems!
KLF Italia
The scenario
Increasingly demanding customers, unsatisfying room performances, constantly evolving technology. Necessary updating of the installations that clashes with lack of spaces and missing gateways, impossible building works and too many companies and technologies to evaluate.
KLF Italia
Overcame difficulties
Several professionals, one and only company standing by the hotelier’s side; able to evaluate, share and implement tailor-made solutions for each need. These solutions are based on last generation technologies able to overcome even the most complex architectonical obstacles. One above all is the GPON technology.
KLF Italia
I vantaggi in pillole
  • • Technological scalability both in the hotel and in the room
  • • Higher performance
  • • Less installation costs compared to the performance
  • • Comprehensive simplification of infrastructures
Technical Support