We install, manage and set up WI-FI devices. It is now a widespread technology that allows computers, smartphones, tablets and smart TVs to connect to each other through a local network based on the specifics of the IEEE 802.11 standard. A WI-FI network can be easily compared to a network that covers mobile telephony in small scale, where access points replace traditional base radio stations according to a, client-server architecture model.
Once that the local network has been connected to the internet network through a router, it enables the users to benefit of all the connectivity services/span> offered by an internet service provider.
Once that the WI-FI network is activated, we also take care of captive portal realization. The captive portal is a procedure that forces a http client connected to a network to visit a particular web page before proceeding to internet browsing.
Its function is to authenticate visitors, but it can also be used as an instrument to segment users (in this case, further than requiring the authentication data, the web page provides the input of information like profession, age, ect…) or to convey personalized contents becoming a real marketing tool for companies and hotels.
Technical Support