Analog and IP surveillance video
We install and set up video surveillance systems for companies and hotel structures. By video surveillance we mean the remote surveillance of accesses or goods by using video cameras. Not only the technology behind this is widely used, but it is also continuously developing. The most used cameras are the infra-red LED which can also guarantee night vision.
However, other types of devices are also available. Among these we include wireless cameras, which allow an installation free from wires, and IP cameras which, using the internet, can grant long distance surveillance. Professional video surveillance systems are always associated with methods of recording and storing the collected videos.
We install and set up anti-intrusion systems for companies and hotel structures. In this area, we identify antitheft with wired sensors (connected by wires) and systems which have wireless transmission. When using the latter, it is very important to implement technologies that are able to prevent the blackening of the signal, i.e. anti masking methods or anti jamming.
Antitheft are usually equipped with PIR sensors which by using infrared electromagnetic waves, detect both the movement and the heat of a body. When a signal from a sensor gets to the control unit, the unit activates itself and the alarm goes on. Anti-intrusion systems are often associated with video surveillance.
Fire detection
We install and set up fire detection systems for companies and hotel structures. A fire alarm system is a system designed to detect the presence of smoke or flames inside a building and to provide an adequate signal.
Just like the antitheft systems, this type of system is constituted by a control unit that interfaces with a series of detection devices, activating an alarm signal if necessary.
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