Reliability lies at the foundations of all proper designs
KLF Italia
The scenerio
Systems continuously evolving, substantial reduction in production downtime, architectonical problems when adopting next generation solutions, maintenance costs of the heterogeneous systems, performances always updated to the latest markets demands. These are just a few of the problems that a company has to face each day.
KLF Italia
Overcome difficulties
KLF professionals stand out on the market for the accurate design analysis and the implementation of solutions that can optimize the reliability of the systems. Fibre rings based on GPON technology, redundancy, disaster recovery, are a few of the solutions chosen by our clients to reduce the risk of a freeze on production.
KLF Italia
The benefits in a nutshell
• Technological reliability
• Better installation costs/performance ratio
• Integration of existing systems with available technologies
• General simplification of the infrastructures
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